Avg. Height : 4’6"
Avg. Weight : 190lb.
Population : ?
Hill Dwarves
Common, Dwarven
Primary Gods
Eluto, Iugtes, Ira, Devos, Torque

The Second People to walk upon Thailos’ face. The Dwarves were once members of the Ancient race of Gnomes, The First People. When Eluto was slain by the Great Darkness the blood of the dead god poured over his servants making them stronger. These were the first Dwarves, and they hunted the god of Darkness wherever he hid, their eyes always capable of piercing his veil. The race was long thought lost when the Flood washed over the earth but a single solitary clan survived in the caves of Iugtes and were lead out of the Dark by the young god Torque.

But the world they returned to was much different, the great cities of their cousins were washed away and buried beneath the sea. Instead a new people, The Elves and the stranger Men, populated the surface. The elves, these newcomers were strange. The Dwarves never stayed in one place for very long and were always armed for battle even at feasts. Distrust developed between the two and it became fairly common for Elves to turn dwarf bands away from their gates. Dwarves still carry a grudge over this sleight which occurred centuries before most were born, though in some small corners this archaic policy is maintained.

Amongst Men, the Dwarves were looked at with awe, and were often welcomed for their steadfast nature and wisdom. The Dwarves in turn taught the Men everything they could. The relationship could grow sour though, the short lives of men prevented any true friendships to form and the Dwarves could not stand the rebellious nature of their former companions children. For this reason Dwarves never spend longer than a score in any particular human village, watching friends grow, live and wither became to much to bear.

After wandering Thailos for centuries some Dwarves grew weary in the war against Drom. These Dwarves gave up their nomadic roots and build towns in the foothills and Mountains of the world, where no Human or Elf dared live. The secluded villages of the Hill Dwarves could consists of one to three clans cooperating and intermarrying for each other’s betterment. The communities are known for rich mines and great craftsmen but very little wealth flows out of them.


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