Avg. Height : 3’6"
Avg. Weight : 65lb.
Population : ?
Forest Gnomes, Rock Gnomes
Common, Gnomish
Primary Gods
Paitros, Amare, Iugtes
Most Populous Cities

Known as the Earth Children, the Gnomes are the oldest race to walk upon Thailos’ face. Created by the god Paitros in the earliest days from the soil, Gnomes are regarded with the most respect from the younger races. Though the most advance race in existence, Gnomes are very secretive and few in number. This is a direct result of the genocide the gnomes faced after the Great flood destroyed all of Gnomish civilization save the few living within the City of Godspire.

After the flood subsided the gnomes were to few to retain their role of custodian of Thailos and the Dwarves were thought lost, so the gods lead by Madra created the race of Elves who spread across the world rebuilding cities in the ruins. The gnomes originally elected to remain in the Northern Isles but after a time some left to visit the new cities.

Across the sea, the Gnomes were well respected and honored but only for the secrets they held, the Elves corrupted by the violence that entered into the world by Eluto’s death were always searching for a new way to expand their influence or conquer the rivals. Longing for the lives they lived before the Gnomes became more reclusive, those who followed the teachings of Amare created secretive conclaves in the forests and became known as Forest Gnomes, while those who learned under Iugtes built homes in hills and caves, and were called Rock Gnomes.


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