Avg. Height : 5’9"
Avg. Weight : 175lb.
Normal Vision
Population : ?
Primary Gods

Sometimes called the Fourth People by some, Men are to Elves what Dwarves are to Gnomes. A branch which broke off long ago, but while the Dwarves gained a reputation of honor and reverence amongst all but the most paranoid, Men gained a reputation of being untrustworthy and prone to violence. This is due to the origin of these former Elves.

Following the expansion of the Elves south from the Northern Isles, Empires began to grow based on the North Sea. These four empires had great influence the stretch as far south as the few villages dwelling in the Dusk lands. In the southern reaches disobedience began to dwell in the people living there and under the god Onus they broke off the yoke and formed the First Southern Power. As this new Empire began to expand it encompassed the petty kingdoms which broke off from its Mother country until it posed itself towards the Northern Isles. From the city of Spearpoint, Onus and his followers launched a navy intent on taking the Isles from the rest of the gods. But when the god failed to capture Godspire his army was forcibly disbanded and placed on trial.

For their role in the War against the gods, the Elves following Onus were stripped on their immortality. Now they like the beasts of the earth would grow, live and then wither to time. Thus they became the first men. Their armies dissolved and lands barren the new race of men fought amongst themselves dividing ever smaller into hundreds of city states.

Since then men have lived in every nook and cranny suitable for raising livestock or grain, they have become more numerous then even the elves and ten times more diverse. They looked to the Dwarves for guidance, as their Elven cousins treated them with great disgust. Even a thousand years removed men still struggle to be trusted on the world stage.


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