The Earth Children

Following the birth of the Thirteen, Paitros and Madra grew distracted and disinterested in rearing more children and instructed their children to go forth and construct the realms. The middle children began to do as instructed and raised up tall mountains, planted great forests, dug wide seas, dotted the sky with clouds, and populated each corner with all manner of animals. While the Elder two recorded and watched over these prospects. In perspective the great world we live in today can be accounted to the labors of the first Nine Children.

The younger four had not yet found their callings and instead spent their time close to their mother in gardens at the heart of the world or exploring the new features with their father. As the the Nine expanded further and further out though, it became apparent that their older creations began to falter. And this did not go unnoticed by Drom, who often played alone in the older stretches and he shared this discovery with his brothers and sister about the aging land. So it was agreed among the four of them one would inform their father of this plight.

And so it became Eluto’s responsibility to share this information. For Paitros had always favored his youngest son more than the others often taking him on journeys to the edges of progress. When next the two left on an expedition to explore Iugtes’ newest hills, Eluto called his father to gaze upon the old Mountains as they passed. Paitros until this point was blind with the desire of something new and had not paid much mind to these old crags. But in this instance, or perhaps it was due to his companionship he look towards the mountains to find them in great need of repair. For without the constant influence of the lord of caves, the great peaks had become little more than large mounds jutting from the ground.

Paitros was most displeased by this sight. But quickly found a solution. Reaching to down to the ground, Paitros scooped up a clod of dirt and shaped it with his fingers until it formed a diminutive figure with a long beard and pointed cap. Setting this piece aside for a moment, Paitros worked tirelessly until he had a small troop of these figures standing before him and the young godling. Kneeling over the Elder god whispered a quick prayer and released a breath of dust and the troop sprang to life.

Paitros smiled upon the Earth Children and instructed them to spread wide and work tirelessly to keep the lands strong. The little folk saluted their creator set off to work. Eluto was amazed by the little folk and from that point forward he could always be found with a small company of the fine folk following him in his wake.

The Creation Cycle
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The Earth Children

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