The First Night

After Paitros created the Earth Children they quickly spread across the world repairing the old mountains, pruning the lost forests and filling the forgotten lakes. And Madra approved of her love’s creation and taught them the secret of life so that the Earth Children multiplied to a great abundance.

As the Earth Children grew in number so did the gods. As the godlings grew to adulthood they too sought the companionship Madra and Paitros shared. And so Verore and Narra, and Amare and Fiara became a pair and began to have godlings of their own. And soon their siblings began to think of doing the same, it was expected that Konst and Vidia and Devos and Ira would soon follow their sibling’s example.

Among the gods though a feud began to brew over the hand of Antea. A goddess of pure beauty. She was marveled by the Earth Children and desired by her younger brother Drom. Drom tried hard to win his sister’s affection but she scoffed at his attempts. And for ten years he tried and she refused

During that period Eluto watched from his mother’s gardens, where she, Antea and her sister Nimia often met. Drom in his attempt to better position himself enlisted Eluto as his informant and spy at these meetings.

If Antea thanked the Earth Children, Drom made sure to make a spectacle of tending to them.
If Antea gazed at the view from one of Iugtes’ peaks, Drom would scower the world for a more spectacular view for her.
If Antea, took a walk through the woods, Drom was sure meet her along the path
If Antea, swam in one of Konst’s lakes, Drom would make a show of swimming across the widest channels.
If Antea, gazed up at the clouds, Drom would throw parties to do just that.
If Antea, raced with the wind, Drom would run alongside her.
If Antea, stopped to pet a young doe, Drom would find an abandoned babe and nurse it back to health.

Whatever Antea did, Eluto reported this to Drom so his brother could try to grow closer to her. But with each attempt Drom made to be more and more like Antea, the more she pushed him away. For many years Drom attempted this courtship long enough for Eluto to grow and become of age himself.

After years of watching Antea closely from Drom though, marveling at her beauty and warmth Eluto too fell in love with her. But seeing the effort Drom made to capture her heart he thought it impossible for himself.

And so Eluto sought out Verore to meet with his daughters and perhaps to find a match for himself. When Eluto arrived at Verore’s home his brother was surprised but welcomed him and together they ate by the shore. After the meal Eluto put forth the request was introduced to each of Verore’s children to his elder brother’s confusion. After each had come and gone Eluto still yearned for Antea and could not see the beauty in any of Verore’s children. It was then that Verore began to question him.

“You seem down brother.” Verore started, "Why is that you came here

The First Night

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