The Prayers

Before there were Dwarves, Elves and Men, before there were Mountains, Forests and Seas or the Day and the Night, even before there was time there was only him. Alone in a the great expanse. And there he slept for ages impossible to count. Until his rest ended and the world began.

When he lifted his weary head and gazed out onto the endless expanse he saw everything and he saw nothing. In every direction space surrounded him. And so he wandered and wandered longing for something to break up the wide wastes. Until he reached the edge, and not knowing what else to do, he turned around and wandered more. And as he wandered he continued to pray, at first for something like him and then as time went on for something even better. And so he made this trip nine times before, on his tenth trip his prayer was answered.

As he was reaching the middle of this vast space he saw something in the distance, at first he thought it was himself but as he drew near he noticed this figure was much different; more radiant, more graceful and more beautiful. I am Madra , and you are Paitros she said as he approached, “I’ve waited so long for you to arrive.”

“Paitros ?” He contemplated, Yes that was his name. Madra was hers. Those long journeys were always meant to end like this. And this was the beginning of something great.

After their meeting Paitros and Madra always walked and slept together. And as they traveled they would converse and exchange ideas. And though they traveled far they never seemed to reach the edge that had once surrounded him. Eventually even this walking grew tiring and so Paitros desired something new, and Madra did as well and so they slept the two would pray like Paitros once did so long ago. And eventually these prayers were answered. Together Paitros and Madra brought forth Thirteen children into the world. Seven which took after him and Sixafter Her.

The Eldests were Verore and Narra. Verore who took it upon himself to record everything from here after and so History began under his watchful eye. And With him came Narra, and she foresaw all which would come after. And together Verore and Narra were the keepers of time.

Following the two, three more came like their father; Iugtes, Amare and Konst. And forever they went ahead of Paitros forming great sights for him and Madra to behold upon their walks. Whenever Paitros sought great Mountains or deep caves, Iugtus would venture ahead raising up the ground and then digging paths for the pair to explore. Whenever Paitros wished to explore thick woods or lush fields, Amare would rush forth and lay the seeds for the great Gardens of his parents. And whenever Paitros wanted wide waters to swim through Konst would spring up and great waves would form Lakes and Seas for his Father and Mother.

After the three brother, three daughters were born; Nimia, Antea and Vidia. Nimia and Antea were very much their mother’s daughters, and they rose up over the ground that their brothers played on, always watching over the family much like their mother. Their sister on the other hand, though as beautiful as their mother had her father’s spirit in her. And so Vidia always carried a great deal of wanderlust. Always going from place to place, picking things up and carrying them with her for a time. And so Nimia and Antea ruled the skies and Vidia became the winds.

Next on her own came Fiara. Another daughter with dreams of her own. Though always surrounded by family she desired more companionship. And so Fiara began to pray like her mother and father before her and from her imagination came many things; beasts and birds, insects and fish, in myriads of size, shape and form.

Then following Fiara, three more arrived. Two like Paitros and another like Madra. They were the twins Devos and Drom, and their sister Ira. Devos and Ira were almost inseparably with Devos carrying her out with him. While Drom was always the loneliest of the bunch. Preferring to venture on his own out into to the world his Father and Mother imagined and his Brother and Sisters forged.

Finally there came Eluto. A final son for Paitros and Madra, and their favorite child. After Eluto’s birth, Paitros had lost interest in forming new children instead exploring the world he instructed the elder children to create. And Madra to lost interest in bearing more into the world and so she focused her attention on doting on the young Eluto.

The Creation Cycle
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The Prayers

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